Episode 26

Published on:

11th Aug 2020

James Cridland (1/2) on Triple J, the Hottest 100, Overcast, and Apple Podcasts User 'Security'

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James Cridland is the Editor of podnews.net, a Podcasting industry expert, and a Radio futurologist.

James has spent time making audio with Virgin Radio, the BBC, and Futuri Media, among many other industry giants. James is also one of the organisers of Next Radio, and has worked with Radiodays Europe. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The Australian (and UK) radio markets vs the USA radio market.
  • Triple J and Double J, The Hottest 100 countdown, and competing with strong radio markets as a local Podcaster.
  • Listening to podcasts on Android vs the Overcast app for iOS.  
  • Changing listening habits in 2020.
  • Apple Podcasts and the 'security' of their users.

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