Episode 25

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23rd Jul 2020

3 Podcasting Pet Peeves in Promotion, Production and Compression

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Three Podcasting Pet Peeves in Promotion, Production and Compression.

• PROMOTION: Using your podcast as the answer/fix-all, to every question that people and companies ask online. 

• PRODUCTION: Using mood music and sound effects that don't suit the overall composition of your show.

• COMPRESSION: Using some other producer's 'secret sauce' voice compression on your music and sound effects, and those elements end up sounding like rubbish. 

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Hard-won Podcasting tips, strategies, information and advice, for all independent Show Creators. We endeavour to protect you from the deluge of poor information (and borderline snake-oil) in the Podcasting space. We're Educators first, Paid Service Providers second.

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