Episode 30

Published on:

27th Aug 2020

4 Podcast Marketing and Promotion Tips (incl. Always Be Thinking About The Listener)

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Today's Topic: 4 Podcast Marketing and Promotion Tips. 

  1. Be where your audience is online, even if you don't personally love being there.
  2. Recognise that you may have more than one audience around your show, keep those secondary audiences in your content loop.
  3. Consider offering multiple on-ramps to your content: some that will work for rookie listeners, and some others that will appeal to veteran listeners.
  4. Commit to promotional consistency: in web players and platforms, audiograms and other marketing assets, effort given to your guest(s), and promotional tools for your guest(s) to share.

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Hard-won Podcasting Tips, Strategies, Information and Advice, for all Independent Show Creators.
Hard-won Podcasting tips, strategies, information and advice, for all independent Show Creators. We endeavour to protect you from the deluge of poor information (and borderline snake-oil) in the Podcasting space. We're Educators first, Paid Service Providers second.

This is also a place where a love for audio isn't just recognised, but it's embraced. If you're looking for a show that loves the spoken-word audio as much as you do, you might just have found your next favourite Podcast.
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