Episode 106

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23rd Jul 2022

S3E15: The 'Satire' Template - Sounds Unprofitable's 2022 Radio Ad - #30DPETC Day #5

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Topic = In this episode Josh shares the new Radio Ad for his Sounds Unprofitable Newsletter.

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Hey ScumBaggers, Josh here from the Sounds Unprofitable newsletter.

Where we try our best, to do our worst, and our mission statement was written by Fred Durst.

As you might’ve noticed we’ve hired every degenerate in the Podcasting space to help us achieve our aim, of being unemployed and drowning in shame. And we want the same for you, you, you!!

We’re not here to give you knowledge, research or motivation: we’re here to do next-to nothing, and take a permanent vacation.

Stick around for semi-readable articles like this one: “How to pre-purchase the Choad-Master Blow 2.0 on GE Finance and tap your retirement accounts to cover the payments”

..cause folks, the author of this article is the perfect person, she looks like Elizabeth Olsen and avoids taxes like Willie Nelson.

So if you’re sick of reading run-of-the-mill podcasting articles, and would prefer to hear about running-on-pills and making podcasting farcical, make sure you keep tuning your radios to our on-demand RSS powered telepathic premium posts, and I’ll see in you my second ex-wife’s kitchen on Sunday for a poorly cooked roast.

Keep following your dreams, and feeding your soul, I’m off to close all my bank accounts and miss my next payroll.

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