Episode 42

Published on:

4th Dec 2020

Podcast Room Acoustics - some low-cost and no-cost options for treating your Podcasting space


What impacts the sound quality of a Podcast most? If you're thinking the hosts own voice, their microphone, or their post-production choices and skills, you're getting close, but you're not quite there. Room Acoustics and Environment have as much or more impact on the quality of a voice recording as do issues around gear, vocal performance, and even engineering skills. If you don't get the Room and Environment right, there's not much you can do to get a professional sounding Podcast recording.

In this episode Josh talks about Room Acoustics and its outsized impact on your Podcast sound quality.

Get some simple tips and tricks for dealing Acoustic Issues in your Podcast studio or recording space. Josh has free and low cost options for treating reverb, flutter echos and standing waves/boominess in your room.

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Hard-won Podcasting tips, strategies, information and advice, for all independent Show Creators. We endeavour to protect you from the deluge of poor information (and borderline snake-oil) in the Podcasting space. We're Educators first, Paid Service Providers second.

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