Episode 144

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11th Jan 2023

Perfect Tool - Imperfect People. plus Tips for On-Location Podcast Recordings (part 1) (003)

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Having the knowledge to record your Podcast out-of-the-studio is still an essential skill for Podcasters to posses in 2023. In today's episode Josh shares some tips for getting the best audio on-location, and being professional when out and about.

Tips for On-Location Podcast Recording Sessions (part 1)

  • Check your gear. And check it far enough in advance of the recording session that you can rectify any issues you might have with your hardware or software or both.
  • If you create a hardware/software checklist, actually use it!!
  • Be early. And be early enough to get over any issues or reservations you might have about the recording location.
  • Keep any potentially negative thoughts you have about the recording environment to yourself. Your guest or guests don't need to know you're stressed about the acoustic environment.
  • Don't be afraid to adjust the space (with permission of course) to make for the absolute best acoustic environment you can achieve in the on-location space.

In part 2 we cover clothing, jewellery, remote guest options, and much more.

Episode Production Chain (Main Segment) = Sennheiser MD46 > RodeCaster Pro II > Auphonic for MAC > Adobe Audition.

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