Episode 34

Published on:

24th Sep 2020

Norman Chella from PodLovers Asia on Asian Podcasting, and using English as a communications technology

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Podlovers Asia is an independent news site talking all about the Podcasting in Asia! The site (and Podcast) are run and hosted by Norman T. Chella. 

Norm is an experienced (multilingual) Podcaster turned industry advocate, who aims to share his learnings from, and excitement about, Podcasting in Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and more. Norm spent his University years in Sydney, Australia, so we thought he was the perfect guy to introduce us to all things Podcasting in Asia. 

In this episode Josh and Norm discuss:

• The term Asian Podcasting, and how it fails to encapsulate the full scope of Podcasting in the region. 

• English not as a marketing tool, but as a communication technology. 

• Capturing communication nuance from speakers and guests where English is not their first, or even second language. 

• How trying to sound your very best as the host of a show is a global success factor in Podcasting.

Find Norm online here.



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Advanced discussions about the past, present and future of Independent Podcasting.
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