Episode 49

Published on:

5th Feb 2021

MMiCA p3/5 - Too Much Editing / Too Little Humanity

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Topic = Too Much Editing / Too Little Humanity.

My Editing Principle (2011-2017) “Make everyone sound super smart, and cut out any and all verbal disfluencies”. 

My Editing Principle in (2018-2021): “Edit the show so it doesn’t sound edited. Aim for intelligibility, enjoyability and replicability".  

  • Intelligibility: remove some but not all of the disfluencies. 
  • Enjoyability: have an organic feel and tone, and limit choppy edits.
  • Replicability: commit to an editing style and amount that can work for months and years, not just weeks.

Episode Production Chain

  • Intro/Outro: Sennheiser MD46 > Scarlett 212 G3 > Audition/Auphonic
  • Segment 1: EarPods
  • Segment 2: AirPods 2
  • Segment 3: AirPods Pro

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