Episode 80

Published on:

3rd Sep 2021

Levels of Podcast Editing - Basic | Intermediate & Advanced - S2E8

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Levels of Podcast Voice Editing.

BASIC. (Editing for Pleasantness)

• Sniffs, sneezes, coughs and other bodily sounds.

• Non-content talk at the start or end of the Podcast, and any talk surrounding a mid-recording bathroom/drink break.

INTERMEDIATE. (Editing for Intelligibility & Momentum)

• All of the Basics.

• Lip smacks, ums, ahs, you knows, and other standalone disfluencies.

• Redundant double-answers, and clearly off-topic and weaker content segments.

• Lowering all obtrusive breath sounds.

ADVANCED - this doesn't mean better, just tighter.

(Editing for Perfection and Time)

• All disfluencies that can be cut, are cut.

• Removing all possible mouth-noises and treating all breath sounds across all speakers.

• Removing all content that doesn't support some predefined message/subject/goal.

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