Episode 133

Published on:

16th Sep 2022

Friday Musings #1 - Dealing w/ Guest Booking Rejection and Ignoring 'Guru Speak' - S4E2

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Topic = In this episode Josh sounds off on some of the most useless advice he's hearing from The Podcasting Gurus keep throwing out there (even in the high digital burnout era that is 2022).

Gear = Sennheiser MD46 Mic > Sound Devices MixPre-6 > Auphonic Desktop App > Adobe Audition (with iZotope RX10 and Ozone 9 plug-ins).

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An Indie Podcast to help you improve, and set you up to grow, Your Indie Podcast.
An Independent Podcast to help you improve, and set you up to grow, Your Independent Podcast. The show is hosted by long-time podcaster, short-time comedian, and Antipodean, Josh Liston (@joshuacliston on Twitter and Instagram).
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