Episode 162

Published on:

15th Jun 2023

Follow Up - Acoustic Treatment in Studio 3.0

Acoustic Treatment is the key to improving the intelligibility of a voice recording in any room. Organically cutting down reverberation and flutter echoes in a recording makes for a much more pleasant listening experience for your audience, and also reduces the need for potentially destructive audio processing technologies (like De-Reverb and to a lesser extent, De-Noise).

In this episode Josh shares Part 2 of his recent Acoustic Treatment install in Studio 3.0. To keep the comparison as similar as possible Josh used his iPhone 14 Pro Max Voice Recorder with the phone microphone and recorded from the same 3 locations in the room (the foyer, the main room entrance and the single seater couch closest to the treated wall).

Compare the Audio Pre & Post Theatre Curtains: https://player.captivate.fm/episode/5e637485-d2bc-4342-b10f-7c4b39eaeb40

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