Episode 13

Published on:

29th Apr 2020

Backpack Studio creator Ed Filowat on podcasting tech, feature creep & iOS audio

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Ed Filowat (@edfilo) is the creator and programmer of the Backpack Studio App for iOS. Ed started out his podcasting career working on UI development for Liberated Syndication (Libsyn), and later co-created the Bossjock app for iOS. 

Backpack Studio (in Josh's opinion) is the perfected ground-up rework of Bossjock, and is better in pretty much every single way. 

Get Backpack (not an affiliate link folks): https://backpackstudioapp.com/

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Email: hello@deadsetpodcasting.com

Try Captivate.fm Podcast Hosting (which Josh is seriously loving right now. Note: this is an affiliate link - any moneys earned will be used to keep this independent ship afloat) https://www.captivate.fm/signup?ref=joshualiston

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Hard-won Podcasting tips, strategies, information and advice, for all independent Show Creators. We endeavour to protect you from the deluge of poor information (and borderline snake-oil) in the Podcasting space. We're Educators first, Paid Service Providers second.

This is also a place where a love for audio isn't just recognised, but it's embraced. If you're looking for a show that loves the spoken-word audio as much as you do, you might just have found your next favourite Podcast.
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