Episode 193

Published on:

8th Nov 2023

4 Ways to know you’ve found the right topic for your First Podcast.

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I wish someone had've sat me down in November 2011 and gave me this list.

  1. Your friends, family and colleagues are all starting to get sick of you talking about a topic - but you’ve still got so much more to say (and share) about that topic.
  2. You’re able to have constructive conversations about the flaws in, and issues around, a topic, without getting upset or offended by opposing points of view (you will get those on the internet, trust me!)
  3. You’ve written down notes for a test episode but you didn’t really need them when you went to do your test-record. You were able to speak passionately about your topic without the script (even if what you said wasn’t exactly what you had written down). 
  4. You can see a path to covering costs (or even making money one day), but you don’t actually care too much if you never benefit financially from the show itself (<<< be honest about this one. I've seen many a Passion Focussed Podcaster get frustrated after 6-12months when they haven't made a dime from their Podcasts).


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